[ROC] Amount of radios required during MCH2022

Ralph Willekes power at mch2021.org
Thu Mar 31 16:36:17 CEST 2022

Hello team:ROC,

Our team could use about 6 radios during buildup and teardown.
During the event 2 radios should be fine.

Best regards,


On 27/03/2022 21:07, Hillebrand van de Groep wrote:
> s/roc at mch2022.org/roc at lists.mch2022.org 
> <mailto:roc at lists.mch2022.org>/, my bad
> On 27-03-2022 21:06, Hillebrand van de Groep wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Team:ROC would like to know how many handheld radios your team needs 
>> during the event (including buildup/teardown).
>> It would be much appreciated if you could let this know as quickly as 
>> possible so we can ensure that enough radios will be available for 
>> your team during MCH.
>> Please reply to roc at mch2022.org.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> ~ flimpie on behalf of Team:ROC
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