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Nicolas Lymbouris n.lymbouris at basecybersecurity.com
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Hey Lennart,

Thanks for the reply, my delayed response here :-) (I found the Repeater project email in my junk mail, so thought about following up on this one as well, and there was your reply!):

What you shared sounds good . As part of the team:content, we’ve been reaching out to some of the potential speakers, and I’ve bumped into a few more hams that might be interested to get on the air if we have something running there. Let’s just be sure in the application of the callsign we indicate that it’s going to be a running station vs just a repeater, which I assume is the same special callsign being granted?

Equipment wise, I can also bring some gear, so we have a wider coverage (yes, HF included ☺ - I have a fairly portable FT-857D) and maybe we can even squeeze in a small workshop/or hands on time on “built your own cheap wire dipole” or something simple like it?

If the ROC/ham radio team members are around in the next orga meeting (couldn’t make it last week), happy to have a chat and see if we can kick this out further. Nice to see people already chipped in to cover the license application costs. We can then also consider all the practical things, tent, location, equipment safety, interference etc? Not sure, but maybe the scouts even have some “permanent” ham radio infra set up if this is a permanent scouting grounds (I’m also a scout and every year we ran JOTA utilizing ham freqs/gear).

Let me know if I can help with something, and if it helps, I can add my name to the Project team line-up, which we can rename from Ham Radio repeater to Ham Radio Repeater/Station? ☺

Thanks again and talk soon,
Gr Nicolas

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Hey Nicolas,

Thank you for your email, which was received, read and talked about in the ROC-team, but I hadn't replied yet. Sorry about that!

We all think that a HAM-Station would be cool. And since we are with four people now, it might be something we can take on.
I think one challenge is finding a tent, and then we have to trust people not to steal the equipment I guess.

Another challenge we thought about, is the likely RF-interference from all the LED's etc.
It might not be that bad, but something to consider.

Let's keep in touch!

Lennart PA3L

Op za 19 mrt. 2022 om 18:30 schreef Nicolas Lymbouris <n.lymbouris at basecybersecurity.com<mailto:n.lymbouris at basecybersecurity.com>>:
Hey Lennart,

Nicolas here, 5B8AX - quick follow up on our chat from last week at the orga meeting. Dropping a line to say hi and share contact details back, and to see what needs to be done to apply for a special callsign for MCH2022.

From experience on getting special event licenses in other european countries, a list of operators is usually shared that will have main responsibility for the callsign (I’m happy to be on it), or indeed as discussed one person registers it.  In any case, we make sure the station is run following regulation (and ofc only by licensed hams).

So many greetings, nice to have met and it would be  nice / fun to do this.

I’m part of team content, so if we go for it, I’ll also write a blog post on this to spread the word and possibly trigger more hams to join the effort / attend the event etc. And we can ofc also submit it to the DX calendar etc (depending on how serious we want to be about it ^^).  We can open it to people bringing equipment + find a nice simple space for it in one of the event tents (or we ask for a small additional one if we see we get a lot of interest).

Anyway, don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it would be cool if we arrange it – I think first step is applying for the special event license, and then we have time to make something bigger out of it as we go… Would be a  nice new addition to the MCH2022 series.

Have a good one and let me know what you think / how I can help out with things,


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