[Productiehuis] Stages and workshop tents

Aschwin Marsman a.marsman at aYniK.com
Thu Mar 17 13:11:37 CET 2022

Hi Productiehuis,

Retry, sending the email yesterday failed.

It was very nice meeting some of you in person last Saturday.

I just talked to Stitch about the amount of workshop tents and that we have many cool workshops. He is busy with Redlizard with the map layout and he has 3 workshop tents for us available. I’m not sure the 3rd workshop tent is on your radar.

Is it possible to have equipment for 3 workshop tents?

What will your team provide per stage/workshop tent? We want to make sure that we don’t order too much but also that everything that is needed is taken care of by somebody.

Thanks in advance for your reply, have a nice evening,

Aschwin / Martian
Team Content

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