[MCH-Partytent] Cashregisters for Party Area/Party Tent

Martin Gross martin at muc.ccc.de
Sun Mar 20 11:55:18 CET 2022

Hi there!

As MCH is approaching and leadtimes for purchasing stuff from Asia are
going through the roof, I have to make sure that we have enough
cashregisters for all sales activities on site.

So far, I have accounted for entrance, parking, merchandise, the bars
(main, harbour, badge), and the Foodcourt.

Just to be 100% certain and avoid any misunderstandings: Your team/the
party tent/party area is not having any sales activities (drinks, food,
etc.) under your "jurisdiction", right? People who come to the party area
will have brought their drinks from the 3 main bars?

If you could let me know asap, ideally until mid-next week, I would really
appreciate it!

Best regards,

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