[MCH-Partytent] [MCH2022-NOC] VLAN for Bar-audio & Party-area requirements

Steven Geerts steven at phoxit.nl
Mon Jul 4 16:47:22 CEST 2022

OK, clear

On 04/07/2022, 16:46, "Erik Kooistra" <me at erikkooistra.nl> wrote:

    Hi Steven,

    I prever to not use tagged ports for this, and no the VLAN allocation is 
    not yet known, if we just hand them over on untagged ports we don't care 
    what vlan you use internally for it.


    On 04-07-2022 14:20, Steven Geerts wrote:
    > Hello!
    > I'm starting the actual preparations of the Party-Area network-infra.
    > Is it already known what VLAN will be used for the DANTE network?
    > Also: do you expect that I will be able to connect a trunk port that will contain both regular public network and DANTE network? And.. can you share the VLAN ID's so that I can prep my ports?
    > Thank you!
    > Best Regards,
    > Steven
    > Team Party-area
    > On 15/05/2022, 19:36, "Steven Geerts" <steven at phoxit.nl> wrote:
    >      Hi Erik,
    >      my responses also in-line, prefixed with SGE:
    >      On 15/05/2022, 18:49, "Erik Kooistra" <me at erikkooistra.nl> wrote:
    >          Hello Steven,
    >          Answers are inline.
    >          On 15-05-2022 17:10, Steven Geerts via NOC wrote:
    >          > I’m planning to use Dante audio via IP
    >          > (https://www.audinate.com/meet-dante/what-is-dante
    >          > <https://www.audinate.com/meet-dante/what-is-dante>)  for this.
    >          >
    >          > The main reason is that “the network is everywhere” on MCH, so using the
    >          > network for this will prevent a lot of extra (audio) cable length that
    >          > has to be installed and removed again.
    >          Understandable, are there any specific network requirements that this
    >          Dante requires? Also what is the bandwith we can expect? Based on a
    >          quick google we would prefere that you use the unicast routing/ dataplane.
    >      SGE: if we can have one dedicated VLAN, there will be no specific additional network requirements.
    >      bandwith per audio stream is about 1mb. I also suggest we stick to Unicast. Within the Dante specifications, Unicast is used for streams with a maximum of 4 destinations. If more is needed, you can opt to add another sending device/stream (with a max target of 4 receivers) or switch to multicast. For reasons of (network)simplicity, I think we better create a second stream if we go over the four destinations.
    >          >
    >          > For now we see a demand for this subnet on the following locations on
    >          > the terrain (this may be subject to change):
    >          >
    >          >   * Party Area (see party-area specifics below)
    >          >   * Main bar 1:  2 PoE connections or a single connection that we can
    >          >     use to connect a PoE enables switch.
    >          >   * Main bar 2: 1 PoE connection.
    >          >   * Beach bar: 1 PoE connection.
    >          >   * Batch bar: 1 PoE connection.
    >          >   * Other bar locations?: 1 PoE connection.
    >          We will take this into account with the planning, but no guarentees
    >          about PoE availability in those location yet, altho mostly in tents we
    >          plan to deploy something with PoE because of the wifi accespoints.
    >          For my information is this one port where you will then chain more
    >          switches behind or these are all the ports you will need for the Dante
    >          stuff?
    >      SGE: for the Party-Area we plan to use the Party-Area network for further distribution, in the main bar, we need 2 dante devices (one receiving and one sending), all other bars have just one (receiving) Dante device.
    >      Each Dante device needs a (at least) 100mb network connection with PoE. So for the main bar 1, we will connect two devices, each on their own ethernet+PoE from MCH network, or one Netgear GS108LP switch to the MCH network, what will power the two Dante devices. For all the other bars, we will have a single Dante device that needs PoE, we can add a PoE injector if needed to supply this power.
    >          >
    >          > Remark: if no PoE available on one or more locations, let us know, we
    >          > will then us a PoE injector
    >          When we have finalised the inital plan we will let you know.
    >      SGE: Great!
    >          >
    >          > Next to this we have some request for the network in the party-area.
    >          > Since we will use several different network-related services within the
    >          > party area, we will deploy our own network for the partyarea.
    >          > Most of the service we will run here will not need any connection with
    >          > the internet or other external network.
    >          Be aware that running your own wireless networks is not allowed.
    >      SGE: no prob, this is all for cabled network devices, but we will configure different VLAN's for Audio-control, Audio-Dante, Video-signal (NDI), Lights and effects(Artnet/sACN). We will add the internet access to the control network and combine the Audio-Dante network with the Dante network on the MCH network.
    >          > However, for some applications it is convenient to have internet access
    >          > and we need access to the Dante VLAN as requested/described above.
    >          > So if possible., we would like to connect to the MCH network with a
    >          > trunk that allows access to the internet and the Dante network. If a
    >          > trunk is not possible or inconvenient, two separate connections will
    >          > probably also work.
    >          Where would you want this drop to be exactly? For the internet access a
    >          normal visistor port should be sufficient.
    >      SGE: the expected entry point for the Party-area infrastructure will be the music-stage on the Party-Area. Close to the corner BackBone-blvd/NorthTrunk. (see https://map.mch2022.org/#map=19.681820967010307/5.5292/52.2844/0)
    >          >
    >          > The deployed network in the party-area will consist of Cisco Catalyst
    >          > switches and a PF-Sense firewall.
    >          > It would have my preference to connect to the MCH network by fiber, but
    >          > copper-ethernet is  also possible.
    >          This depends on the location and with what speed you want to connect.
    >      SGE: location: see previous comment, speed: 1GB will be sufficient. We are able to connect on 10GB-fiber too.
    >          > We can provide the (fiber)length to connect to a nearby connection point
    >          > (up to 500m, if more length is needed: let’s discuss).
    >          >
    >          > For the Dante network DHCP is not necessarily (Dante works fine with the
    >          > Self-assigned address-spaces), but obviously devices initiate quicker
    >          > when there is a DHCP service available.
    >          > The infrastructure we are providing for the party-area can provide the
    >          > DHCP service for the whole Dante VLAN. But if you prefer to deliver DHCP
    >          > service from the MCH network, of use Self-Assigned IP’s that fine too,
    >          > just let me know.
    >          Both are fine, what ever works for you the best.
    >      SGE: in that case I prefer the Party-area infra to be the DHCP provider for the whole DANTE network.
    >          >
    >          Erik Kooistra
    >      Best Regards,
    >      Steven Geerts

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