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Hugh Wells hugh at crablab.co.uk
Sat Apr 2 18:22:45 CEST 2022

Hi Team:Logistics,

Over at Speaker Desk we have a list of consumable items we'd like to
request are made available, please :-)

These are:
* Things that consume power:
    - 3 adjustable desk lamps
    - golf cart

* Other non-consumables:
    - 1pcs scissors
    - 1pcs stapler
    - cat6(+) cables various lengths

* Other consumables:
    - one full toner cartridge (for Kyocera FS-1061DN)
    - recycled A4 paper, one box of 5 reams
    - supply of water and mate for angels
    - supply of cooled and hot drinks (and snacks?) for speaker lounge
    - Box of pens, box of HB pencils, box of sharpies (or equivalent)
    - PPE (disposable masks, latex free gloves, hand sanitiser)
    - 2 pcs long roll of duct/gaffer tape
    - 6 pcs long roll of tape (masking tape?) to attach announcments to
walls and tables
    - 2 pcs electrical tape for cable management
    - staples
    - selotape
    - selection of cable ties (several hundred, please)

We would also like to confirm if you are the people to ask about extension

Please let me know what you think about the above.

Many thanks,


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