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Hi team:info!

Sharing below another finalized and approved blogpost from team:content, to help make the event more accessible for people that need help with making a case for buying a ticket. Please let us know if you need something additional for getting this on the list for publication!

If you have an idea on when it will go live, let us know – would be useful for other blog post material we’re preparing and to boost its promotion.

Gr Nicolas

====== Text for Blog post ==========
My manager wants to pay my MCH ticket! Season 1, Episode 1

Fiction? Not necessarily, it just takes a bit of convincing and making a case energy. We’re here to help.

Giving you ideas, arguments and helping you believe it’s possible to get it actioned - before MCH2022 tickets sell out - right here, right now:

  *   Valuable Skills, build them, - both technical and non:
o    With three main stages, three specialist workshop tents all humming with great content for five days (100+ presentations, workshops) and much more content at villages, it’s hard not to find what’s relevant for your work related focus area and responsibilities. And you can also get stage time (with lightning talks), to share ideas, test your project/product considerations, tell your story. Some things you can pick up per domain:
§  Are you in infosec?  From offensive, to defensive, DFIR, appsec, privacy, security management, security risk, threat modeling
§  Are you in tech? From medical, to climate, to development and building products, new tech/methodologies
§  Are you a human? From ethics, to societal issues, self development, communication

  *   Team building, nurture and grow it: make a case for covering MCH costs with a teammate or your team. What a better way to get to know, build trust with each other, than while spending quality time, learning and having fun, outside the day to day work environment? Or even find your future team mates, or project partners; skip the application process and HR interviews and get straight to what matters!

  *   Getting access to the community: we don’t just learn from each other, we get acquainted, bond with like minded people and  build relationships so we can also help and support each other after MCH2022! Having access to the right support, voice to a user group, quick tech advice, a sounding board or even just a solid sanity check go to buddy, can be priceless. Or for the case to your manager - can save (or make) your organisation, a lot of € $ ¥

These just to get you started. Go for it! Put the above to work - it all begins with starting a conversation. Teams usually have funds allocated that can be put towards learning and development (training/ education budget, conference support), team building budget, project related budget or even - so be sure to use these as a trigger, making a good case towards getting backed for MCH2022!

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