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Mon Jun 20 18:39:34 CEST 2022

Hi Team Info,

1. attached you'll find the updated booklet text for Team POC - feel 
free to fix grammar issues, typos etc. :)

====== snip ======
There is a telephone network at MCH2022 operated by the µPOC.

To activate your GAP-compatible DECT handset or use your SIP-compatible 
phone at the MCH2022 telephone network, please register your personal 
extension at poc.mch2022.org and follow the instructions on the web page.

If you have any issues or questions, just head over to the POC tent.

Once connected, you will not only be able to make calls within the 
MCH2022 telephone network, but also make free calls to the Nederlands 
and several other countries in Europe and over the world.

Outgoing calls needs to be prefixed with a zero, International calls 
with three zeros.

Netherlands: 0 85 234 2000
Becomes: 0 0 85 234 2000

International: +31 85 234 2000
Becomes: 000 31 85 234 2000

You can also be called to your personal extension from the outside world 
via the following dial-in numbers:

  Netherlands: +31 85 234 xxxx
  Germany: +49 721 266 767 xxxx
(where xxxx is your personal extension number)

There will be a 2-wire fieldphone network run by a 60 port manual phone 
exchange which is interconnected to the DECT and SIP network. It is 
battery operated so it works in case of a power loss. If you want your 
own field phone connected or want to have a loan unit, simply approach 
the POC tent. Additionally, as this is using 2-wires, we are also 
providing a VDSL and SDSL service over those lines.

In addition to having your own fieldphone there are 6 public available 
fieldphone booths, free for everyone to use.
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2. A short update of the phone numbers as far as we know. Please note 
that we don't know anything about that external phone numbers.

====== snip ======
Phone numbers
Safety/CERT: DECT: 112 or 911
+31 6 22 00 52 97 (NOT UPDATED YET!)
Cohesion: +31 6 44 87 74 71 (NOT UPDATED YET!)
Shuttle: +31 6 49 24 03 90 (NOT UPDATED YET!)
Volunteer: 7777
Speakerdesk: (NO DECT NUMBER YET!)
+31 3 62 02 07 13 (NOT UPDATED YET!)
Infodesk: 4636 (INFO)
Family village: 5437 (KIDS)
NOC: 662 (NOC)
POC: 762 (POC)
Villages: 8455 (VILL)

You can also find the current phonebook here: poc.mch2022.org
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3. At the very end of the booklet, please don't write "Gulash 
Progammier-Nacht" but "Gulaschprogrammiernacht".
Thanks from the GPN Orga :)

- Twi

Team Lead POC
Twi at mch2022.org

On 18.06.22 14:28, Arnout Engelen wrote:
> Hi all!
> TL;DR: if your team has information you want to have available in the 
> physical booklet, send it to info at lists.mch2022.org 
> <mailto:info at lists.mch2022.org> before next Tuesday, June 21nd.
> Our current starting point can be found at 
> https://pad.hackalot.nl/MCHbook# <https://pad.hackalot.nl/MCHbook#>. To 
> ensure good coordination and a consistent style, please verify the 
> information shared there is still accurate for 2022, and email any 
> updates to info at lists.mch2022.org <mailto:info at lists.mch2022.org>.
> Kind regards,
> Arnout / Team:Info
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