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Sat Jun 18 16:20:00 CEST 2022

On Mon, Jun 13, 2022, at 21:57, Sebastian Surminski wrote:
> I suggest to start at 10 or 11am and have shifts until 8pm. It makes sense to have two angels in every shift.

Makes sense to me. Team:Volunteers prefers two-hour shifts, so having five shifts between 10:00 and 20:00 would fit nicely. I guess we want to be available on days 0-5 - do we want to start at 10:00 on day 0 as well?

> At congress there's usually a more senior "Infodesk coordinator" who can ramp up new Infodesk angels and can answer questions that the normal angels can't.

Right, so this would be one of 'us' (or someone who has done a couple of shifts already), to get the angels started and then be available via DECT? We could make that four 2.5-hour shifts, so the handover between coordinator shifts and regular shifts doesn't overlap?

> Normally, both angel types are restricted because
> - people like them and
> - it doesn't make sense to just do a single shift because angels learn a lot during their shifts (making their job easier).

OK by me (no strong preference)

Kind regards,


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> Shifts. We need your help!
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> Hello fellow orga!
> we are ready to start filling the Angel system (angel.mch2022.org) with 
> all your wonderful shifts that need doing.
> If you are part of any team doing stuff on the field, please read this 
> carefully and act accordingly. Team Volunteers is here to 'Make Camp 
> Happen' and we need your help for that! Note that we're using the Angel 
> system mainly for the event part, not so much of Buildup/Teardown.
> Please send us one e-mail per team to volunteering at lists.mch2022.org 
> (please do NOT reply to this e-mail) detailing the following:
> ==The Angel types==
> Angel types are specific trainings/introductions that an angel needs to 
> do the shift. Please be considerate with this, most Angels prefer to NOT 
> follow any training.
> For example: it's perfectly okay to train someone as a herald or camera 
> operator, but it's not really needed to require prior training to pick 
> up trash. If you want more angels, require less trained skills. 
> Sometimes it might be more practical to have two untrained angels 
> instead of one with specific training.
>      We have already got two main angel types: the generic Angel and the 
> Driver Angel. We prefer to add as few as possible.
> We have a few questions to get you started on Angel types:     How do 
> you become this Angel type?
> Is there a specific qualification (certificate or education) the Angel 
> has to have?
> Who decides you can be an Angel of this type? Is it possible to create 
> this Angel type from combining other Angel types?
> ==The Shift types==
> These are the jobs that need doing. For example: Waste would be done by 
> a Waste driver, who will be driving the gator around and several Waste 
> Runners, who get the actual trash bags.
> The shift description should also contain the info that someone needs to 
> do the shift: report at location X, do work Y using tools you get from Z.
> Please also specify the amount of hours the shift needs doing, and 
> please aim for around 2-3 hours per shift. Sometimes 2 is okay for 
> something really tough, sometimes 4 is okay for something easy and fun.
> ==The Shifts==
> So when you've got the Angel types and the Shift types ready, we can 
> start planning shifts! Be clear what you want. How many of what shift at 
> what moment etc etc.
> ==Examples==
> Please write to us in the following format:
> Team:
> Contact for us (nickname in Angel system, dect, e-mail etc):
> Angel types: XXX, description: YYY
> Shift types: XXX, time needed YYY, location WWW, description ZZZ
> Shifts: XXX of shifttype ZZZ at time YYY, etc etc
> Here's an example:
> Team Waste:
> Shift Type: Waste Runner. Angel type: angel. Shift from 10:00 to 13:00. 
> Needs 4 people. Shift Type: Waste Driver. Angel type: drivers-license 
> angel. Shift from 10:00 to 13:00. Needs 2 people.
> Shift type description: Be the hero of the camp! Help us cleaning up the 
> venue to make it a better place. Youre shift starts in [location] from 
> where you drive around the fields. You drive around with our trash 
> collector car and empty the trash bins. The golfcart/gator can be found 
> at Warehouse, and they also have the stock of bin-bags. Pick up the 
> trailer at the Logistics area. Empty bins, replace bags, bring the trash 
> to the trash compactor here, push button X and do Y to be safe. In case 
> of trouble, push emergency stop and call contact X. etc etc.
> Shift Waste South Trunk: 1 waste driver, 2 waste runners. Shift form 
> 10:00 to 13:00. Shift Harbor + party area: 1 waste driver, 2 waste 
> runners. Shift form 10:00 to 13:00.
> etc etc
> So, plenty of work for you! It is not difficult, so please do it now!
> Thanks and see you soon!
> Xu, Skorpy, MyIgel, SynQ and Sebastius
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