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Manduca manduca at mch2022.org
Fri Jun 17 16:57:25 CEST 2022


Manduca here from On-site logistics.

I would like to have some rules/warning about heavy machinery in the 
booklet. Something like:

May Collide Harmfully

Dear happy camper. The make this awesome event happen, some heavy 
machinery (forklifts, telehandlers and boomlifts) will be used during 
build-up, tear-down and probably also during the event. These machines 
may cause deadly harm and we want you to stay safe and happy. Therefore 
we request that you abide to the following basic rules:
- keep 2 meters distance from these machines and their load at all times
- keep eye contact with the operator when nearby and make sure he sees you.
- give way regardless of your mode of transportation. Do not overtake or 
pass the machines unless the operator signals that you can.

Stay safe, stay happy! The Logistics Team.

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