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Hi team info,

With less than100 days to go, everyone is working on next level stuff. This needs to be shared with the world, as otherwise it does not exist and people have less reason to buy tickets etc.
Below are some article ideas that need to be out there in the coming months (not all at the same time ofc). Just this list means great news every 4 to 5 days, but i think this can be more as more is happening. Could you start to retrieve these articles from the various teams and get the word out?
Perhaps hand out wordpress credentials to make your job easier or point people to pad.hackalot.org for more convenient drafting?

Some articles per team:
* Content: first speaker announcement
* Content: second speaker announcement
* Content: program announcement
* Content: talk highlights
* Badge: badge announcement
* NOC: internet speed announcement / network speed on site announcement
* Villages: how to set up a village
* Villages: making more of MCH, villages can set up earlier and leave later
* Moebelhaus: ordering tents/tables/chairs (and deadlines)
* Terrain: Field naming order, noise gradient and general terrain layout
* Merch: final designs
* SafeHarbour: announcement of harbour and facilities
* Productiehuis: futuristic audio system announcement
* Productiehuis: details on tracks and tents
* Tickets&Entrance: contactless payments
* POC: calling to the site / dect
* Safety: staying clean and healthy during MCH (near the event)
* Horeca: overview of bars, food vendors etc
* Volunteering: Call for volunteers (1, 2,and 3 and 9000)
* Family Village: overview about family village
* Deco: sneak previews of projects
* Huisstijl: Design generator
* Power: Power grid
* Family village: plans
* Projectleiding: 50% tickets sold
* Sponsoring: available sponsor positions and benefits

Boekenwuurm from pl

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