[MCH Team:Info] Communications plan

boekenwuurm boekenwuurm at boekenwuurm.nl
Sun Oct 10 18:54:35 CEST 2021


Good to hear it exceeds expectations, even through it is pretty basic.

I'm not 100% sure you mean with coverage during the event.

It does not cover on-field press coverage (yet) as team:press should work that out in more detail. It is expected for now that journalist get a similar treatment as during SHA2017.
Socials and blog are continued during the event, and probably used as one of the ways of reaching the participants during the event, but it should not be the only way (herald pre-talk announcements and paper notices come to mind as alternatives).

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On 10/8/21 3:05 PM, Walter van Holst wrote:
> On 07-10-2021 22:53, boekenwuurm wrote:
>> Hi Walter,
>> As the communication is a overreaching thing for multiple teams (info, press and volunteers), I made a preliminary  communication overview. It is still a W.I.P., and will probably live as a living document.
>> It is probably not flashy enough and it does not yet have fancy matrices or completely SMART compliant statements, but is this something you can work with?
> Yes, this vastly exceeds expectations.
> Am I correct to notice the plan does not cover press coverage during the
> event?
> Regards,
>  Walter

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