[MCH Team:Info] Proposed text for extending the CfP deadline

Arnout Engelen arnout at bzzt.net
Mon Feb 1 10:46:02 CET 2021

Hi Walter,

I have no objections to the post, so I'd say we can publish it whenever you are happy with it.

As for feedback:
- perhaps more of the TL;DR should be in the title? Something like "Call for Participation deadline extended" or even "CfP extended to March 31st"?
- s/till/until/
- s/energising/energizing/

While I sympathize deeply with the last 2 sentences, they're a bit of a downer. I think I would prefer ending on a lighter tone (while of course remaining sincere).

Kind regards,


On Sun, Jan 31, 2021, at 16:48, Walter van Holst wrote:
> Please give us your feedback:
> Update on the Call for Participation to MCH2021
> TL;DR: we’re extending the deadline till March 31st, 24:00 CEST.
> It is not entirely unexpected, since for all intents and purposes the
> idea of having a large-scale outdoor hacker event in August 2021 feels
> like it could be on Venus, or Mars, in terms of futurism, but right now
> it is clear that a lot of people aren’t comfortable to committing to
> anything of the sort yet. We have received a good number of proposals,
> and quite a few proposals are of the sort that are exciting. We, the
> Content Team, would like to get more in order to be able to get to a
> proper schedule for the event. So we are extending the CfP deadline till
> March 31st, 24:00 CEST.
> By that date, another critical milestone for deciding whether we can go
> forward will have been passed. The bottom line for now is: if we don’t
> carry on preparing as if MCH2021 will happen, it won’t happen anyway.
> Which, admittedly, isn’t the most energising way of making it happen,
> but it is what it is.
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