[Family] Considering Coming to MCH2022 with my daughter!

cbro neoander at posteo.de
Tue May 24 03:43:14 CEST 2022

Hi Mike & Gal,

my daughter (14) and son (13 then) understand english well and speak if 
they have to.

Our experiences from CCC Camps and Congresses are, that the  kids clot 
together automatically and get along pretty well even without much 
common language.

Usually there are always ways to get enough food for everyone. If you 
have special needs, though, you should probably bring some.

 From our experience, people there are very helpful and things work out 



Am 23.05.22 um 18:41 schrieb Michael Tewner:
> Hello! Good Afternoon!
> I've been coming to Congress and other CCC events for the past 10 
> years and most recently, have been co-leading the ChaosMentors / 
> Chaospat:innen assembly. This year I'm thinking about bringing my 6 
> year old daughter to MCH2022!
>   * She doesn't speak Dutch or German. Is there a critical mass of
>     English speaking kids for her to get along with?
>   * We would probably need to rely on the Angel Kitchen (or other
>     kitchen) for meals. Of course, both Gal and I would love to be
>     active members of the team - Is this a viable option?
> I still need to see if this whole thing will work out; I hope it does!
> -Mike (& Gal)
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