[Family] Free stuff for kids

pikachu at lumos.city pikachu at lumos.city
Fri Jun 24 21:42:23 CEST 2022

Hi Frank,

sorry for the longer silence on this, we weren't really sure what to do 
of this.

Initially I wasn't sure if this would fall towards the bring and donate 
stand ( https://wiki.mch2022.org/Bring-and-donate ), however I still 
want to thank you again for the offer and would like to know a bit more 
about the things you would like to bring. We appreciate the gesture, and 
of-course it's always nice to be able to provide kids with cool stuff. 
Lastly we want to mention that we are not sure what should happen to the 
stuff afterwards. As you know MCH is a plausible deny ability event, so 
anything carried on to the field must also find its way off the field.

Are you also planning to attend to MCH yourself as well?

With kind regards,

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