[mch2022-deco] Team Deco second hand expenses?

polyfloyd floyd at polyfloyd.net
Tue Mar 29 22:33:18 CEST 2022

It would be in the order of a couple of hundreds of euros.

Reason for me asking is an opportunity to save on costs for this 
project: https://wiki.mch2022.org/VidjaHack

- polyfloyd

On 3/28/22 00:57, Henry Paulissen wrote:
> Hi Polyfloyd,
> Do you have a rough estimate about the total €€€ of this?
> I dont mind if its for some expenses and sometimes it does make sense 
> (because of scarcity or speed).
> But in general im not in favor of this.
> Regards,
> On 27-3-2022 20:32, polyfloyd wrote:
>> Hi Finance,
>> For Team Deco it sometimes makes sense to purchase items second hand 
>> from individuals, so we will not have an invoice or something like 
>> that. How could we best declare these expenses?
>> - polyfloyd

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