[mch2022-deco] Budget information and some general things to consider for the next Deco meeting

Janneke/Rizoom janneke at mch2021.org
Sun Oct 3 10:43:33 CEST 2021

Hi team Deco,

good to see you are all active! I have read through the notes of the field
day meeting. I think before the next meeting it would be good to at least
clarify some things from PL perspective/my perspective. Due to health
issues I wasn't able to do this sooner, also, I had to
figure some things out myself on this subject.

The budget team Deco has to work with will most likely be nowhere near 62
500 euros mentioned in the field day notes. There is still a chance the
event cannot grow, and might even need to shrink.Scaling up the event does
not automatically entail more money for team Deco, since this also brings
new costs and new safety measures that are also costly.
There is still also a small chance the budget will go down if something
with COVID happens, and we might need to scale down the event.

In 2017 the granted  budget was 31.950 euro. Of this budget 15.000 euros
was directed towards lighting, and 3.500 was for the silent lounge. So
going by that, it's most realistic to count on about 14.000 euros to play
with, assuming the lighting is planned to be about the same. Or a cheaper
plan for light should be made. And the silent lounge is taken on by the bar
team, so that budget will flow out.

This is not the biggest budget you could have, so I would like to ask you
to critically evaluate a few things:

- what projects are *must* haves and how much will these cost?
- what projects are *nice* to have, but not a must, and how much will these

In that decision, the biggest impact for the lowest budget would be a nice
thing to consider.

*The base of the MCH2022 deco budget should be done by the end of this
month. I can help, of course.*

*Connection to design*
It would also be great to consider how each project ties into the MCH2022
design. https://mch2022.org/design/ It does not need to be literal, but
think about colour usage or inspiration from the design. This connection
might be nice to put into the template for each project.

Apart from that, one thing I would want to ask you to think about is
effort. For SHA2017 there were some lovely handmade projects, but because
they were handmade there was not always enough of them, and the effort put
into them could have also been put into interesting statement pieces.
Please keep that in mind.

*Number of projects*
I also noticed a lot of projects connected to the same people. I put that
on the agenda to discuss too. It doesn't have to be a problem, but it's
good to keep an eye on.

If you made it this far: thanks for reading. :) See you on wednesday.


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